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Knight-Toolworks Steve Knight is one of the most sucessful of a new generation of toolmakers. Working out of Portland, Oregon he has update the traditional Japanese style wooden plane with laminate construction, modern blades, and western shapes. The result has been a very reasonably priced line of wooden planes that have been extremely enthusiastically reviewed by users and magazines. This includes all sorts of different types of wooden planes and lots of special permutations. He also now is selling an infill version of his wooden planes and is constantly expanding the range of products he is selling. We carry his wooden smoother in our store. Check out: Smooth Plane by Steve Knight for what is probably the most cost effective way to get a high performance plane into your shop.
Keller Dovetail System Your woodworking projects can be dovetailed in minutes with the Keller dovetail jigs, whether you are a professional woodworker or a weekend hobbyist.
Jasper Audio - Circle for routers We are a small father and son business. We started out designing hi-end speakers. We needed to make some precision speaker cutouts and we did not have a CNC machine, at that time. We tried to purchase a circle jig to do our job, but we were not able to find anything, suitable. So we developed a circle jig that operates with a plunge router. We now have 3 models. Our jigs are marketed through Woodcraft Supply, William Alden, Eagle America and Parts Express.
HOCK HANDMADE KNIVES Hock is a great source of blades for various types of Mostly Bailey type planes. His blades are thicker, harder and flatter than what is coming from Stanley and Record these days. Most of the neo tool makers use Hock Blades in their tools.
Henry Taylor Tools Limited Henry Taylor Tools Limited forges premium quality wood carving and wood turning tools for the world-wide craft market. The Taylor range consists of over 2,000 items (the largest in the world), marketed under the "Acorn" and "Diamic" brands. "This is another classic name hat has been around forever and makes full rnage of everything. Their web site isn't much, just contact information - but it's a start."
Handmade Scandinavian Woodcarving Knives & Spoon Carving Info I am a tool maker in the midwest, making the hook and straight woodcarving knives of Scandinavia. The website is also a sizeable resource for traditional woodcarvers, with instructional pages, and scores of links to websites around the world, as well as a page on fine tool sharpening. note: I went into my websites index.html page source code and guessed at the address for the little hook knife, I am a greenhorn web maker. I will add a link to your page soon, but do not use thumbnail links
Glen-Drake Toolworks Glen-Drake ToolWorks is located in Fort Bragg, the city that also hosts the world renowned College of the Redwoods Fine Woodworking Program on California's beautiful north coast. We are dedicated to the task of developing tools for woodworkers that value the woodworking process as a way of life. Our designs are developed, tested, and honed by fine woodworkers. Our premier product is the Tite-Mark, a marking gauge with a micro-adjustable head. The outstanding acceptance of this product has ensured that there will be others.
Gerstner - Makers of wooden toolchests For the last 90 years these guys have been making a traditional wooden machinest tool box. They are gorgeous and functional. There is no way else to descibe them. At one time there were other makers of wooden chests but I believe Gerstner is the only company left. They also maker other types of wooden chests.
Footprint Tools Ltd. Footprint Tools is one of the grand old names in the English and Sheffield tradition of Toolmaking. THey make a full line of planes, chisels and other woodworking equipment and they also manufacture a lot of tools for other companies. There tools are retailed by most of the American tool retailers.
Ezee Roll wooden or steel crafted wagons, trailer hitches, and flower boxes Ezee roll crafts wagons, trailer hitches, flower boxes, or planters for hauling, farm use, or landscaping use. Harvey Kuntz started his business in an old blacksmith shop providing quality repairs to the farming community surrounding Heidelberg and is now located in St. Jacobs creating quality wagons and carts.

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