iron side rabbet planes


Record 2506

Originally a Preston design, this simplified small version of the Preston 1369 has no adjusters. However, it has a fence which is very useful and it still retains the detachable nose to allow for close work. This particular tool was purchased from a hardware store, new, still available in the middle 1970's


Front view. A practical design by practical men of the twentieth century, this tool retains little of the charm of its predecessor but most of the functionality.
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Record 2506 with original box and fence.
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Front view with bullnose attachment separated. Two pins and a screw keep the front nose attached and aligned.
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Rear view with fence. You can see two vee grooves milled into the back which guide the fence and keep it straight. It's not a critical feature but it's still very elegant and shows careful design.
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Cutter Width 1/2"
Blade Thickness 0.070"
MATERIALS Body Nickel Plated Iron casting
GENERAL Year C. 1970
Cost in 1909 Unknown

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