iron side rabbet planes


To plane both side walls of a groove without tearing out one side you must plane, with the grain, in two directions. This requires two side rabbet planes, one with a blade in each direction. Side rabbet planes are always sold in pairs, or as a double ended tool, with a blade going in each direction.

Wooden versions of side rabbet planes exist but the ability to make a strong, thin body makes the iron side rabbet plane a true design success.

The singular utility of the side rabbet plane for excelling at one operation makes it an indispensable part of a toolkit. In a modern workshop, although planes are rarely used, a side rabbet plane still has its place. The infrequency of its use is another demonstration of how much tool knowledge of the last generation has been lost.

The two major makers of cast iron planes, Edward Preston & Sons and Stanley, made various versions of side rabbet planes. Record, the successor to Preston, also manufactured a simple yet effective model.


About the Exhibit

This exhibit includes some fine examples of the basic types of side rabbet planes.

The prices given are from contemporary catalogs that closely approximate the date of the tool. The dates given are the approximate date of manufacture of the tool exhibited.

The tools included in this exhibit are from a private collection in the United States. We would like to thank the collector, who wishes to remain anonymous, for his cooperation and assistance.

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