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The Woodworks of Sven Axel See galleries with my work; turned objects, furnitures and a doll's house. Also visit my workshop and see my machines, follow projects, make a post to the Woodworker's Forum or submit a picture to our Guest's Gallery.
Tenny's Woodworking Page
Robertson Screwdriver Stuff (one good screw!!) A site devoted to the Robertson Screw. That square holed non-slip device that is so uniquely CANADIAN....just like the Gold Medal for Women's as well as Mens's Hockey, eh...... Cowtown Eric welcomes yer comments, feedback, additions. As far as he knows, this is the only WWebsite with a homage to Robertson. Cowtown Eric is also the acknowledged disposal site for these devices. You can send him all you want.....
Mikes home page, personal work This is a personal page devoted to the woodworking cause. It is a very new site, but it is still under construction a little. So, you may want too check it out just to see if it has something for you.
Little Cedar Log Homes Log homes and siding, and resources for log home owners! Come take a look!
Jim Blower, Joiner Photo collection of wooden planes from a 60-year career. Jim is a member of the Tool Group of Canada and the Early American Industries Association.
James Harris: Ornamental Turning In central Texas, at the southern edge of the Lost Pines of Bastrop County, a local craftsman is attempting a personal revival of an elaborate form of wood turning which has been little practiced since the Victorian era. This craftsman, James Harris--a woodworker for over 25 years, has built his own apparatus on a machinist's lathe to accomplish this exacting, precise form of ornamenting wooden lathe-turned objects--the craft of ornamental turning. In the following pages, you can read a brief history of ornamental turning (OT) as well as finding out about the artist/craftsman and his particular apparatus to create this work. You can also view a gallery of some of his work, consult a bibliography of writings about the subject of ornamental turning and read about the African Blackwood Conservation Project.
Gene's Woodcraft Workshop Wood-craft Items (Doll Beds, Doll Furniture, Shelves, Clocks, Wood Toys, Picture Frames, Animal & Victorian Silhouettes, Wood shapes for Tole Painters and etc.) made to order -Photo display.
Figurative Wood Sculpture Detailed figurative wood sculpture, influenced by the Medieval tradition. Some religious pieces.
Wood carving is one of the oldest manifistations of woodworking there is. As a kid I used to wander around the Medieval rooms of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC and look at the carvings. I even tried my hand at it with zero results. However it wasn't until I was an adult that I became aware how good the museum stuff really is. I like Stefanie's work a lot and I enjoyed going through her gallery. -Bob
Fascinating Antique Furniture Gallery of my work as a restorer, and my wife's work as an upholsterer.

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