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Lindsay Publications These guys publish howto books. But not just any type of how to books. All sorts of get stuff on electonics and metal working. And if that's not enough the site has a historical technical archive which is a lot of fun. Any site that has a picture and article of Henry Maudsley, one of the principle inventors and toolmakers of the industrial revolution has got to be A-OK in my book.
Indy - Your favorite pictorial woodworking magazine index Indy is a software program the pictorially indexes all of the articles that have ever appeared in Better Homes And Gardens WOOD Magazine. Other indexes just show you the article titles. Indy shows you what the projects look like.
Fine Woodworking Online
Eastman Publishing - Woodworking Rover CDs Eastman Publishing offers a series of Woodworking Rover CDs, which include Articles, Plans, Safety Information, Games and Tips/Techniques. Plus, included within each CD is an early 20th century woodworking related digitally reprinted book, complete with text and illustrations. With such titles about Timber Framing, Wood Carving, Cabinet Making and Furniture Design, Wood Finishing, Cyclopedia on Construction, plus more titles are in the works. Woodworking Rover CDs combine the present with the past with woodworking tools of yesterday and today. For updates and more about the Woodworking Rover series CDs, please visit http://eastmanpublishing.com/library/wrseries.htm
Documentary Educational Resources A film documenting Ben Thresher's water-powered, wood-working mill in Barnet, Vermont. Operating in rural Vermont since 1848, the mill is a unique link between the age of craft and the age of modern industry. The film evokes the quality of rural New England life, and at the same time provides a close, step-by-step view of Ben's woodworking processes. Academy Award Nominee.
Creative Woodworks & Crafts Magazine Online Features free projects, message board forum, extensive woodworking links list, current issue overview & back issue catalog, expanded Reader's Gallery, photo gallery, industry news, and much more.
Carving Magazine Online Includes current issue highlights, back issues, subscription services, woodworking and carving links, submission guidelines, and much more!
Cambium Books Cambium Books has woodworking books and plans of every kind for all makers, designers craftsmen and weekend hobbyists. Books on every facet of woodworking, 1200 titles in 60 categories, all in stock so we can ship to you right away. 800-238-7724
Private sites
Woodturnings by Paul Beautiful woodturnings by florida artist Paul Pouliot. Paul has been a wood worker for 35 years and began turning about five years ago. His unique pieces come in a variety of woods,finishes and sizes. Fine work from a talented artist.
Toolmanmikes Woodworking Site My web site is woodworking on a down to earth basis. It contains tool information, tree/lumber information, woodworking in general, how to tips, finishing tips. I'm in the process of adding a photograph section for users to place their pictures of their work, also a section for users to have their ideas,tips,etc. posted for others to see. I'm working on a page to post woodworking plans.

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