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Mercer Museum Henry Mercer was one of the pioneers of tool collecting. His museum in Bucks County PA has a massive collection of tools covering all sorts of trade.
Maison de l'Outil et de la Pensée Ouvrière this museum is about hand tools from france ( dated end of XVII-beg.XX centuries), the collection presents 7,000 tools there's a library with more 25,000 books
Kew Bridge Steam Museum So it is not a woodworking tool. The Kew Bridge Steam museum has in operation the largest Steam engines anywhere in the world. From the dawn of the industrial age these engines are big and grand. In steam on the weekends if you are in London it is just up the road from Kew Gardens.
Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust Source of the world's first iron rails, wheels and boats and site of the first cast-iron bridge - from which the present town gets its name - Ironbridge now seems an unlikely starting point for the Industrial Revolution. Some 250 years later most of the mines and furnaces are silent, but the town is as busy as it ever was. The difference today is that most of its inhabitants are transient rather than resident - for Ironbridge is now one of Britain's most popular tourist destinations. The Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust was established in 1967 and the first site opened to the public six years later. Many more sites have opened since and today the area has 8 exciting museums covering a total of 80 acres.
Griffiths of Norwich Planemakers John Griffiths was a planemaker in Norwich, England in the 1800s. This website contains an article entitled "Griffiths of Norwich and Other Planemakers of that City," some photographs of Griffiths planes, and geneological information on the Griffiths family.
Blue Ox Millworks & Historic Park A living history park and school using all antique tools to reproduce Victorian Trim.
ANCIENT (OLD) WOODWORKING TOOLS. Jacques Heroux I was born in Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada, and became familiar with tools at an early age by "playing" with my grandfather's old wooden tools. He was a very good carpenter and cabinetmaker. However it was only after my graduation as an engineer and specialist in environment at the Universities of McGill (B.Eng.) and Montreal (M.Sc.A.) that I became really interested in antique tools. I then started making a collection. I have also accumulated books on the subject of tools, of cabinet making and carpentry. After more than 35 years of engineering practice, my hobby became my new way of "practice". After all those years I have donated a large part of my tool collection to museums. But I still have many fine examples of ancient or antique tools, and I am pleased to show you a few pieces. Time passing by, I have designed a few galleries. Evidently I could not do it alone. My grandson Simon Carpentier helped me. I thank him very much. We are trying to shorten the generation gap. Please have a look at each of these galleries.
General Woodworking and Tool Interest
WoodWorks! The best woodworking EVENTS. It's not a show, it's an event. See legendary woodworkers demonstrate, entertain and amuse all weekend long. Meet your favorite tool manufacturers and find those specialty companies not found at big retail stores. You'll be able to see the folks behind Tools for Working Wood and get up close and personal with their collections. Please visit www.woodworksevents.com for more information. See you there!
Woodworking Tips and Tricks Detailed articles on woodworking tools, power tools and woodworking plans for the professional woodworker.
Woodworking Hand Tools Lots of instruction manuals and instruction sheets on antique woodworking tools. Special information on Stanley combination planes. Complete Sargent 1925 catalog online.

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