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Central Jersey Woodworkers Association The Central Jersey Woodworkers Association is a growing group of woodworkers of various skill levels and interests, who meet monthly to trade ideas, share tips, and listen to various speakers. Past speakers have included professional furniture makers, including Frank Klausz, Jere Osgood, Frank Pollaro, Mario Rodriguez, Peter Tischler and Tom Volk, woodworking tool experts including Tom Lie-Nielsen and Graham Blackburn, semi-pros, hobbyists, boat builders, custom furniture craftsmen, finishers, and more. Various hands-on comparisons of equipment have been offered, and there are periodic group purchases of equipment, wood, tools and supplies.
The Odessa museum of western and east art. The Odessa museum of western and east art. More than 5000 images with fagments. The painting: Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio ( " Taking Christ into Custody " ), Frans Hals, Teniers the Younger, Juan Carreno de Miranda, Pierre Mignard, Alessandro Magnasco, Christoffel Bischop, Jozef Israels, Mihaly Munkacsy, Albert Gustaf Edelfelt, Susanna Savary, Rockwell Kent . . . . . The museum collection of Oriental art contains works by masters spanning several generations from Central and Southern Asia, the Near and Middle East. Exhibitions of the modern artists on-line. Is monthly added about 200-300 pictures.
Griffiths of Norwich Planemakers John Griffiths was a planemaker in Norwich, England in the 1800s. This website contains an article entitled "Griffiths of Norwich and Other Planemakers of that City," some photographs of Griffiths planes, and geneological information on the Griffiths family.
WoodWorks! The best woodworking EVENTS. It's not a show, it's an event. See legendary woodworkers demonstrate, entertain and amuse all weekend long. Meet your favorite tool manufacturers and find those specialty companies not found at big retail stores. You'll be able to see the folks behind Tools for Working Wood and get up close and personal with their collections. Please visit for more information. See you there!
Woodworking Tips and Tricks Detailed articles on woodworking tools, power tools and woodworking plans for the professional woodworker.
Making music with a carpenter's handsaw Natalia Paruz plays the MUSICAL SAW. History of the musical saw, saws that were made especially for music, sound clips, composers manual, CDs, poetry that mentions the saw, etc.
Woodturning Pens and Pencils Turn your own Fountain Pen -- Nibs, Tools and supplies for Woodturners and Penmakers on Hans Presto's Nib Site
Wooden Clamps For those who collect, use, study, or deal in wooden clamps. Provides history of makers, users, inventors, dealers, brands; examples of various models, and marks, with dimensions; notes on the care of wooden clamps; analysis of recent prices.
Tools-Directory We offer information about tools....

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