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Professional Refinishers Email Group International In it's third year, this is a moderated e-mail exchange for very professional finishers. Yearly dues required after a 30 day free trial. "Very highly recommended if you are serious about finishing." -- Jeff Jewitt Author/members include Jeff Jewitt, Bob Flexner and Don Williams (Smithsonian). Commercial/members include Besway Systems, Benco Sales, Hood Finishing,woodfinishingsupplies.com, Homestead Finishing Products, Golden Artist Colors, LIBERON / Star Wood Finish Supply, Mohawk Finishes, Bloxygen, Seneca Research
Musical Instrument Makers Forum Online discussions and interactive courses on acoustic, electric, and archtop guitar building, instrument repair, violin making, dulcimer making, mandolin building and all other types of lutherie; woodwind instrument making; and all types of musical instrument design, construction and repair.
Mid-West Tool Collector Association The Mid-West Tool Collector Association is one of the larger groups in the country that supports tools collecting. They regularly have swap meets and their membership contains one of the cores of tool collecting knowledge in the US. They have a panel of experts as well as many tool related articles and references all open and widely used by the general public.
Long Island Woodworkers Club Founded in 1990, the Long Island Woodworkers Club is an association whose members share a common interest in woodworking. Membership is open to persons of all skill levels, from beginners to professional. A Club With A Variety Of Activities The Long Island Woodworkers Club's primary focus is on cabinetry and all aspects of fine woodworking. Meetings feature guest speakers as well as club members who share their expertise. Speakers for the past year have included Frank Klausz, Ernie Conover, Strother Purdy, Mario Rodriguez and Aimee Fraser. Noted woodworker, hand plane expert and author Garret Hack will be visiting in October 2003. Topics covered have included: raised panel construction, gluing, clamping, sharpening, finishing, turning, tool & jig demonstrations, bent lamination, etc. In addition to monthly meetings we offer a newsletter, The Woodrack, seminars, field trips, toys for tots, a library with video tapes, books, magazines, a yearly competition and a wealth of new friendships. The newsletter has an online coutnerpart with unique features and links, and the website has streaming video available of previous seminars and workshops. Meetings Every first Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM from January to December. Meetings are held at Brush Barn (located behind the Historical Epenetus Smith Tavern), 211 Jericho Turnpike Smithtown, New York.
La Souche de nos Racines Non profitable environmental association to work on preserving the wood and other architectural heritage elements that come from the recycling of old residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial buildings in the Haut-St. Francois region for sell and renovate architectural heritage places.
KursWerkstatt - Holzbearbeitungskurse für professionelle Heimwerker Die KursWerkstatt und ihre Partner haben sich zum Ziel gesetzt, qualitativ hochwertige Kurse für private Heimwerker zum Thema Schreinern und Tischlern anzubieten. In den Kursen wird unter Anleitung von erfahrenen Schreiner- und Tischlermeistern mit professionellen Werkzeugen und Materialien gearbeitet. Die Kursteilnehmer/ innen erhalten Informationen über den fachlich richtigen und sicheren Umgang mit klassischen Handwerkzeugen und modernen Elektrowerkzeugen für die Holzbearbeitung und lernen an praktischen Beispielen, wie typische Schreiner-/Tischlerarbeiten von der Planung bis zur Oberflächenbehandlung fachgerecht ausgeführt werden. Die Möglichkeit alle vorhandenen Werkzeuge und Maschinen ausprobierent finden Sie in keinem Geschäft! Schauen Sie doch einfach mal rein, wie ein Tag bei der Kurswerkstatt aussieht. Die Kurse werden teilweise in Kooperation mit Volkshochschulen angeboten. Eine aktuelle Übersicht über alle Kurse mit den entsprechenden Inhalten und Terminen finden sie in unserem Progamm.
Historic Archaeology: SIA The Society of Industrial Archeology is interested in industrial history. What happened, why it happened, when and where it happened and how industry changed the way we live. Their members are they types of people who did up old factories, follow the paths of old canals, and sometimes visit and record indsutries that are on the verge of vanishing.
Hand Tool Preservation Association of Australia The HTPAA, is an incorporated non-profit organisation, dedicated to the preservation of tools of the past. We provide a forum for discussing traditional tools and the way in which artisans of the past worked with these tools, recognising the skill and ingenuity of their efforts
Habitat for Humanity, International Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit, Christaian based organization providing affordable housing, interest-free, to qualified buyers. Homes are built by community volunteers. Homeowners are required to participate in the construction of their own home and/or homes of others with at least 300 hours of "sweat equity".
Evergreen Woodworkers Guild A group of woodworkers located in the Seattle - Tacoma area of Puget Sound.

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