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Ancient (Old) Woodworking Tools - Jacques Héroux I was born in Shawinigan, Quebec., Canada, and became familiar with tools at an early age by "playing" with my grandfather's old wooden tools. He was a very good carpenter and cabinet maker. However it was only after my graduation as an engineer and specialist in environment at the Mc.Gill (B. Eng,) and Montreal (M.Sc.A.)Universities that I became really interested in antique tools. I then started making a collection. I have also accumulated books on the subject of tools, of cabinet making and carpentry. After more than 35 years of engineering practice, my hobby became my new way of "practice". After all those years I have donated a large part of my tool collection to museums. But I still have many fine examples of ancient or antique tools, and I am pleased to show you a few pieces. Time passing by, I have designed a few galleries. Evidently I could not do it alone. My grandson Simon Carpentier helped me. I thank him very much. We are trying to shorten the generation gap. Please have a look at each of these galleries.
Allwoodwork A great new site for woodworking, home improvement, and gardening. There are messege boards, chat rooms, articles, reviews, free contests, and a store front with many choices of tools. This site is for you to use and enjoy.
African Blackwood Conservation Project (ABCP). The home page of the African Blackwood Conservation Project (ABCP). This project aims to replenish this valuable tree in Tanzania. Most people will not have knowingly seen blackwood but almost everyone will have heard it, for it is the premier wood of choice for fine concert-quality woodwind instruments such as clarinets and oboes. Blackwood is also the finest material available today for producing ornamental turning. In its African homeland, it is used to make intricate and highly detailed carvings, and plays a vital role in the ecology of the East African savannah.
Woodturning Pens and Pencils Turn your own Fountain Pen -- Nibs, Tools and supplies for Woodturners and Penmakers on Hans Presto's Nib Site http://www.nibs.tk
Wooden Clamps For those who collect, use, study, or deal in wooden clamps. Provides history of makers, users, inventors, dealers, brands; examples of various models, and marks, with dimensions; notes on the care of wooden clamps; analysis of recent prices.
Windsor Chair Resources This site celebrates the long history of hand crafting Windsor chairs using traditional methods.  There are resources for the chairmaker, pages describing chair styles, the process of making a chair, and a listing of chairmakers for those seeking handcrafted chairs.
Tools-Directory We offer information about tools....
Router Woodworking by Pat Warner Discover the router! Through my work as a designer/craftsman I've found the router to be the solution to most of my woodworking problems. Over my 25 years of experience with the tool I've met most of the ordinary and many exotic situations you'd expect while joining, milling and decorating materials like fiberboard, plastic, metal, ply and of all things wood! I've written 2 books on routing and I'm writing my third, "Router Jigs and Fixtures". I've authored some 75 articles on the subject.
rec woodworking FAQ's The primary information on this links site is a large index of woodworking FAQS.
Jim Kingshott Shrine This is a great site with lots of info for people making tools. We carry a lot of Jim K's videos in out store.

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