A. Adams Crown Molder With Molding

(late 18C Southeastern New England 5 1/2" x 12 1/2")

Click for a Closer LookCrown moldings are wide molding that are used to conceal the joint between the walls and the ceiling of a room. Smaller crown moldings are found in furniture. This particular molder is made of yellow birch, which is helpful in establishing the planes provenance, since birch was most commonly used in 18th century New England.

This is not a simple tool to use. First of all you need a large length of straight easy to plane wood such as pine. Wavy grain and knots will cause the plane to wander and tear out making it difficult to produce a good molding. Then by attaching a rope to the handles one person could pull the plane forward while another guided it against the work. Get a closer view of the object (60KB)

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